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Currently Project work and Focused learning on M-L Web is underway

 To download the current Schedule for PSG FRI Intersession Assignments, Click here


The Schedule of M-L web Discussion topics has been identified by year 1 Fellows for their further Capacity Building in these areas/ topics for the fellows to become more knowledgeable and thereby guide others in their home institution/ MEUs. There are SEVEN month-long discussion topics prioritised by the year 1 Fellows and strategies for optimal participation worked out and finalised with Year 2 Fellows as Co-mentors.


Reflections on Mentor-Learner Web Discussion

Reflection on one’s learning is one of the useful tools to improve efficiency of learning & professional development. Learning through Participation in the M-L web is also one of the key REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTIFICATION of completion of FAIMER Fellowship. And so submission of your reflections in the prescribed template is an evidence that you have participated and synthesized the learning you acquired.


Fellows, you need to  use the following template (Click here) to submit your Reflections on their learning from EACH month’s REFLECTIONS ON LEARNING FROM ML-WEB.


Since you have identified these as need-based LEARNING focus areas that you (as per your M-L web Learning contract signed and submitted to us) would engage in ACTIVELY. Hence one-line  and  “shallow” responses from you are not counted as “participation” . What does get counted as having participated is evidence of having done the required reading and based on that a higher order Blooms cognitive domain response of synthesis / application has been made by you.


To make the learning meaningful and to maximize participation of all year 1 and year 2 Fellows in the discussions using the principle of collaborative co-learning from each other’s considerable and valuable pre-existing knowledge  and unique individual experiences a system of monitoring of contribution of Fellows was tried out in 2015 and was found effective and appreciated by Fellows as having facilitated their learning..


All Fellows have to send a (one) filled-in  Reflection Template by the end of the month (once a month only).


The  Template however has week-wise sections for reflecting on learning on the portions of the topic which the moderators of the month’s discussion covered during that week.


To illustrate this, you as a learner would be learning something from the first week’s discussions. Fill-up that part of the template – don’t send it – just save it replacing the templates’ file name with your name etc. When all the four weeks discussion is over, all the spaces for the four weeks within the template would be filled up.


We understand that all fellows may not be able to actively participate and contribute throughout the month (although we wish that to happen). They can “catch-up” on the discussions and learn from them during that week (or even later) by going back and forth through the mails on that Listserv thread. This is a back-up plan for “Catch-up” on the learning from the discussion. It is meant for those exceptional circumstances where you could not even spend 30 minutes a day or a couple of hours a week. This model will work if majority of the Fellows (say 20-25 of the 32 Fellows) are regularly reading and responding after synthesizing the messages from the reading material or solving the exercises given.


So be regular in checking the ListServ (find out which time of the day works for you), respond to the assignments given by the moderators, identify what new you have learned from the discussions that you can apply at your workplace and write that down in the template and save it. When the next learning happens , again revisit the saved template to update it and this way you won’t have large accumulation (backlog) of mails to go through (one of the reasons some fellows give up or do not respond is they have too much backlog of mails to catch-up with). At the end of the month you would have filled in all the four weeks reflections! Now save that and send when the moderator for the month calls for it to check whether the learning objectives have been achieved as reflected in majority of the Fellow’s learning reflections!


Remember, for each month of M-L web topic, the year 1 Fellows who are moderating the weeks they have taken responsibility for moderation, need to submit a weekly summary of the process & learning by the participating Fellows. The year 2 Fellows who are moderating the month’s discussion would need to submit independently one Scholarly Report on the month’s topic based on the process and outputs resulting from the month’s discussion. Writing the report in a Scholarly way provides them to practice & sharpen their scholarship capability. Writing the Scholarly Report by Year 2 Fellows is also one of the key REQUIREMENTS FOR CERTIFICATION of completion of FAIMER Fellowship.


To ensure that Fellows are actually participating, we also have an independent system of monitoring individual Fellows participation in the M-L web throughout the year. This is to recognize and reward those who are engaging in the discussions (& learning) and also to identify those who need reminders about their lack of participation (no learning) and so need to catch-up and be eligible for certification of Fellowship.


Welcome to the world of on-line inter-session collaborative learning and co-mentoring!!



2. Reporting Resources


PSG-FRI Fellows’ Reporting Resources


1. Click on the links below to download templates (Requirements for Certification,  Progress Reports & Reflections on ML-Web Experience)




Click here to download Year 1 Fellows FIRST (July) Progress Report Template

Click here to download Year 1 Fellows INTERIM (November) Progress Report Template

Click here to download Year 1 Fellows FINAL (April) Progress Report Template


Click here to download Year 1 Fellows REFLECTIONS on ML-Web Experience Template




Click here to download Year 2 Fellows PPD Action Plan Progress Report Template


Scholarly Report should be written in IMRAD Format. Apart from usual stuff done in discussion, add your Reflection on what went well, what were the constraints and how they were overcome, what can be done to make the on line learning via M-L Web even better.


Click here to download Year 2 REFLECTIONS on ML-Web Experience Template






Click here to download REQUIREMENTS for FAIMER Certification